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Atacama Moseco 7 Speaker Stand Pair (715mm Height)

by Atacama
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SKU Moseco 7 Satin Black/Natural Bamboo

Moseco Awarded "WHAT HIFI? SOUND AND VISION Best Speaker Stand 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018"

The Moseco 7 speaker stands combine all the aesthetic and sonic Benefits of Bamboo with the adaptability, strength and stability of twin carbon steel poles. These poles consist of a 50mm front column and a 28mm rear column which features cable management.

The Moseco speaker stand range not only look good on their own, they also perfectly compliment the award winning Atacama Eris, Elite and Evoque Design Edition HiFi racks both in colour and style, as well as making an ideal complement to most small to medium sized bookshelf speaker finishes.

All Moseco’s come with adjustable M8 floor spikes (spike shoes are available as an option to protect delicate floor coverings) and mini gel pads that can be fitted to the top plate to protect the base of your loudspeakers.

Colour choices are Satin Black as standard and as a cost option Diamond White. Base panels are supplied in Natural Bamboo as standard with Medium or Dark finish available as a cost upgrade.

Speaker Stand Height (excluding floor spikes): 715mm
Top Plate: Width 130mm x Depth: 170mm
Base Panel Width 240mm x Depth 280mm

Weight capacity: 7.5kg per stand

Cable Management Details:
The hole diameter is 18mm. The overall outside diameter of the tube is 28mm allowing for the cable to turn 90 degrees within the tube , speaker cable of up to 15mm diameter should be capable of passing through the holes, depending on how flexible the cable is. Banana or spade fittings would need to be fitted to the cable after the cable is passed through the tube.

Optional Extras:
1. Atabite SMD-Z7.5HD To those wishing to improve the performance from their speakers further, all Moseco’s are able to have the front column part filled with sound dampening material (one tub of Atabite SMD-Z7.5HD is ideal for Moseco 5 and 6, two tubs for Moseco 7 and three tubs for Moseco 10). Click here for more info
2. Mass Loading Plate Pack can also be fitted to add weight and stability if required. Click here for more info
3. Spike Shoes HD-S are available to protect delicate floor coverings. Choice of two colours, Satin Black or Nickel Silver. Click here for more info

Please note: Bamboo is a natural product, so some slight colour variance between panels will be present and the colours will mature over time or if left in direct sunlight. This slight colour variation will also apply if you attempt to match a pair of Moseco speaker stands to a Atacama bamboo based equipment support

Atacama Audio source all Bamboo used in their products directly from sustainable forests.

Moseco speaker stands are made in the UK.
2 Year Manufacturers Warranty