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Atacama NeXXus 600 Essential Speaker Stand Pair

by Atacama
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SKU NeXXus 600 Essential

NeXXus 600 Essential Speaker Stands - Satin Black Finish (Pair)

Bringing value and adaptability to speaker stand design, the NeXXus 600 Essential specification is the first of the new NeXXus series to be launched.

Supplied in pairs, each individual stand is equipped with twin 50.8mm (2”) wide support tubes and a new 5mm thick laser cut “shield” design base plate along with a 130mm x 170mm top plate as standard.

If this sized top plate is not a suitable match for the supported speakers, a choice of *4 alternative sized top plates packs can be purchased separately if required.

With double the mass loading capacity of the outgoing Nexus stand, the NeXXus 600 can support speakers up to 15kg each which is a significant improvement over the previous generation 8.4kg capacity. The bigger base plate also allows more substantial speakers to be supported safely and securely.

The spike interface has also been updated With NeXXus featuring 8mm BZP spikes.

Atacama NeXXus series speaker stands are made in the UK.

Maximum Atabite capacity16.8Kg per pair (2 x 7kg tubs sufficient for most applications).

Colour option - Satin Black.


Standard Top plate: W 130mm (5.11”) x  D 170mm (6.69”)

Base Plate: W 260mm (10.2”) x D 365mm (14.37”)

Overall height: 620mm (24.4”) (inclusive of floor spikes)

Weight capacity (per stand): 15kg (33.06 lbs)

Optional Extras:

Top plate pack dimensions (Width/Depth)

160mm x 220mm (6.29” x 8.66”)
140mm x 210mm (5.51” x 8.26”)
180mm x 140mm (7.08” x 5.51”)
190mm x 305mm (7.48” x 12”)

Spike shoes

2 x packs of Atacama HD-S spike shoes should be used if the stands are being placed on a delicate floor covering.

Mass Loading Plate pack

This pack is compatible with NeXXus Series.

*Note - The 130mm x 170mm top plate pack is always included with NeXXus. If you have selected one of the upgraded top plate packs, it is suggested that the unused top plates be attached to the underneath of the base plates via the tube fastening bolts. This will increase the low down mass of the stands and will avoid the original top plates being misplaced should they be needed at a later date.